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...in late 2009 after walking around the city and seeing numerous flyers for soul nights. An idea formed. Why not have one night with a delegate from each soul group/crew to celebrate the different types of early soul sounds currently being represented in the city? The idea sprang into action and soon we had three 'residents', Dave Matta, Duke Grip, and Sloppy White. With these three DJs at the core, we also included a rotating roster of guests each month. The original purpose was to challenge attendees with different sounds and to not have a solidified format. Most important, the night is not about the guests but above all the music. With no preference to 'rare' records but records aimed for the dance floor regardless of how rare or common. Soul Summit is not about a 'scene' or alienation. We encourage all people from walks of life to come listen and celebrate early soul music. In December of 2017 we welcomed Mo Manley as the 4th official member of the crew.





  • DJ Maseo
  • DJ Nu-Mark
  • Ali Shaheed Muhammad
  • Peanut Butter Wolf
  • DJ Spinna
  • J Rocc
  • Prince Paul
  • Diamond D
  • Rich Medina
  • Adrian Younge
  • Breakbeat Lou
  • Boogie Blind
  • Chairman Mao
  • Fred Schneider
  • J-Zone
  • Supreme La Rock
  • Monk One
  • Dante Carfagna
  • Joc Max
  • Tone B Nimble
  • Danny Akalespe
  • Miss Shing-A-Ling
  • Mr Fine Wine
  • Phill Most Chill aka Soulman
  • Frank Raines
  • King Otto
  • Grand Rapids Soul Club
  • The Selecter DJ Kirk
  • Jon Blunck
  • The Bump & Hustle STL
  • Skeme Richards
  • PNS
  • E Da Boss
  • Danny Holloway
  • Sweater Funk
  • Natasha Diggs
  • Andy Noble
  • Tom Noble
  • Brad Hales
  • The Southern Soul Spinners
  • Cyrus Dayani
  • Cat Fancy
  • DJ Expo
  • Tropicaza
  • Meaty Ogre
  • Dreas
  • East of Edens Soul Express
  • Alex White
  • Laurent Reux
  • Qualls
  • Rambo Salinas
  • Deano Sounds
  • John Phillips
  • Risa T
  • Windy City Soul Club
  • Ben Pirani
  • Aret Sakalian
  • Nick Soule
  • Jonathon Kirby
  • Rob Sevier
  • Supreme Court
  • Steven La Groue
  • Mo Manley


  • Fitz & the Tantrums
  • Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears*
  • Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band*
  • Budos Band
  • JD McPherson*
  • Lady*
  • Ikebe Shakedown*
  • Myron & E*
  • DeRobert & the Half-Truths*
  • Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens
  • Kings Go Forth*
  • JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound*
  • Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics*
  • The Bo-Keys*
  • The Right Now*
  • The Soul Surfers*


  • North Coast Music Festival
  • Taste of Chicago



"Soul Summit was unreal, easily one of the best parties i've ever played."


"Unlike most shows where the doors open and a crowd waits around aimlessly for a band to come on, there had already been a good two and a half hours of dancing before anyone walked onto the stage at the Double Door this past Friday for the Menahan Street Band's performance at Chicago's monthly Soul Summit dance party. In fact, it was unclear whether people were even there specifically to see the band or if they had just come for the dancing in general, live band or not. But at around a quarter to midnight, you had to wonder what exactly the Menahan Street Band was going to contribute. Weren't people going to get tired? Was a live guest even necessary?

As a setting for live music last Friday, Soul Summit was unique in that instead of just being a dance party, it allowed people to see a real-life product of all the soul records the DJs were spinning earlier in the night. The DJ set acted almost like a soul music history lesson, bringing everyone up to speed about how we got to where we are now. They left it up to the (guests) Menahan Street Band to reinforce where exactly that is."


"Chicago's golden age of soul may belong to the 1960s and '70s, but soul is still spinning young and hip at the Soul Summit dance party every third Saturday of the month at Wicker Park's Double Door. Since January 2010, DJs Sloppy White, Dave Matta and Duke Grip have been celebrating the oldies with rotating guest DJs and occasional live bands at Double Door. Determinedly anti-scenester and anti-elitist, it's all about the music at Soul Summit."


"With each passing month the Soul Summit DJs and company have driven their feet deeper into the asses of all its competitors. That is to say these guys have turned Saturday nights at the Double Door into a groove merchant's paradise, putting to shame all other halfhearted nights... it’s recommended that you bring some extra loot to pick up one of the many stellar prints they pony up for the night."




"The monthly Soul Summit dance party at Double Door is one of the best places to be if you enjoy getting down to early soul and R&B. The sound is ripped from the days of dancing in dark basements with sweat dripping off the ceiling and it's brought to you by resident DJs Dave Mata, Sloppy White, and Duke Grip."


"What makes a kickass dance party? The answer, while complex and intricate, comes down to one simple ingredient: the music. When the music is juicy and bodacious and irresistible, then you can't help but give in and let your freak flag fly. And this, dear readers, is a good thing.

Launched in January of 2010, the Soul Summit Dance Party is a new monthly event that spans "the specturm of early, raw r&b, funk &soul." Six DJs take turns spinning mini-sets, so the range of sounds are varied and unpredictable, keeping the vibe fresh and fun.

Surprsingly, the Double Door makes for an awesome dance club, what with a sweet sound system, high ceilings, and large dance floor. Exuberant and energetic, the crowd represented a darling mix of fucking hipsters, genre enthusiasts, and dancing machines. Everybody shook their thang and did what they wanted to do, and when a soul version of "Like a Rolling Stone" came on, some sort of jubilant apoplexy was shared by all.

A blessed lack of prefab pretense and scenester shenanigans also contributed to this fine, fine evening.

Next time I am going to wear comfy shoes and take the next day off - this Summit is the real deal."


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